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The 7 Best DIY Projects for Homesteaders

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I’m always on the lookout for great DIY resources to help make my homestead as self-sufficient as possible. In this article, I rounded up the best resources for The 7 Best DIY Projects for Homesteaders. These resources cover a wide range of projects, from building structures to harvesting rainwater to making your own products. They provide detailed instructions and tips to complete projects on your homestead successfully.

1. 40 Projects for Building Your Backyard Homestead

40 Projects BookOverview of the book

This book from author David Toht is a fantastic hands-on guide for building a variety of structures and systems to enhance your backyard homestead. With step-by-step instructions, it’s perfect for homesteaders of all skill levels.

Key projects covered

Some of the key projects in this book include:

• Building chicken coops, pens, and tractors
• Constructing garden beds, planters, arbors, and more
• Setting up solar and wind power systems
• Building beehives like the Langstroth, Warré, and top-bar
• Installing plumbing and wiring for outdoor structures
• Building sheds, pole barns, and workshops

2. The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health and Home

Overview of the bookThe Big Book of Homemade Products

This expanded edition by Jan Berry is packed with over 150 recipes for natural, non-toxic products you can make yourself. It covers skin care, hair care, health remedies, and household cleaners.

Key highlights covered

Highlights include:

• Honey, oat, and rose facial cleanser
• Coconut body butter
• Bath bombs with essential oils
• Exfoliating shower scrub bars
• Sore throat drops with herbs
• All-purpose cleaning sprays
• Lavender laundry detergent
• And much more!

3. No Grid Survival Projects Bible

No Grid Survival Projects Bible BookOverview of the book

This survival book from Alex Maxwell provides a huge collection of DIY projects for living self-sufficiently off the grid. With 1000 days worth of projects, it’s a fantastic resource for homesteaders seeking independence.

Key projects covered

Some key topics include:

• Generating solar, wind, hydro, and propane power
• Collecting and purifying water sustainably
• Heating and cooling your home efficiently
• Growing your own food supply
• Building a defense system for your homestead
• Learning first aid and herbal medicine
• And more!

4. Build Your Own Sheds & Outdoor Projects Manual

Overview of the bookBuild Your Own Sheds & Outdoor Projects Book

This updated manual from Creative Homeowner is a go-to guide for constructing sheds, gazebos, playhouses, and various outdoor structures on your homestead.

Sample projects included

It includes detailed plans for building:

• A garden shed
• Pole barn
• Cabana
• Playhouse
• Garden swing
• Six-sided gazebo

And, it has a catalog of over 100 additional structure plans you can purchase.

5. Harvesting Rainwater for Your Homestead in 9 Days or Less

Overview of the book

This handy book by Bridgette Wilson provides a step-by-step blueprint for installing a rainwater harvesting system on your homestead quickly and easily.

Key benefits

Key benefits include:

• Determining the perfect water storage tank size
• Complete shopping lists for equipment
• Illustrated instructions for rain barrels and IBC totes
• How to build a full rainwater cistern
• Creating an automatic chicken waterer
• Flushing your toilet with rainwater

6. Ted’s Woodworking

Overview of the productTed's Woodworking Product

Ted’s Woodworking provides over 16,000 woodworking plans for projects of all skill levels. It’s an enormous database for homesteaders seeking DIY resources.

Key features

Key features include:

• Step-by-step plans with detailed instructions
• Exact cutting and materials lists
• Clear schematics and diagrams from multiple angles
• Plans suitable for beginners to advanced
• New monthly plans added forever
• Custom woodworking plan requests

7. The Self-Sufficient Backyard

The Self Sufficiency Backyard BookOverview of the book

This book from Rick Austin provides an incredibly comprehensive guide to transforming your backyard into a self-sufficient homestead. It covers a wide variety of projects and topics.

Highlights of topics covered

Some highlights include:

• Building a water collection system
• Creating a medicinal plant garden
• Setting up an off-grid electricity system
• Constructing a year-round greenhouse
• Raising chickens for eggs and meat
• Building DIY projects like hoop houses and chicken coops
• Preserving your harvest for long-term storage
• And much more!


From building structures to harvesting rainwater to preserving your harvest, these are my picks for the 7 best DIY projects. With detailed instructions and tips, they will help you complete projects to make your homestead more self-reliant. I highly recommend them for any homesteader looking to enhance their property’s self-sufficiency. Start your DIY journey today!

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The 7 Best DIY Projects for Homesteaders


Q: What skill level is needed for these DIY homesteading resources?

A: These books and products provide detailed instructions suitable for beginner to advanced DIYers. Most projects use common tools and don’t require expert woodworking skills.

Q: Do I need a large property for these homesteading projects?

A: No, many projects can be done on smaller suburban or urban properties. Things like rainwater harvesting, chicken coops, and gardening can work on a quarter acre or less.

Q: Where can I buy the books and products recommended?

A: All the books are available on Amazon and I included the links in the article above for easy reference.

Q: How much do these DIY homesteading resources cost?

A: They range from about $10 to $40 on Amazon so they are very reasonably priced compared to the value you get from the detailed content.

Q: Can beginners safely complete electrical and plumbing projects?

A: For the most part you should consult a professional if you don’t have experience with electrical and plumbing work because some resources provide guidance, however, are not suitable for complete beginners.


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