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The Best Soilless Growing Systems for Home Gardening

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Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home can be extremely rewarding. Not only does it allow you to have fresh produce at your fingertips, but it also saves money and reduces your carbon footprint. However, traditional gardening in soil can be messy, labor-intensive, and limited by weather and space constraints. That’s where soilless growing systems come in!

Soilless gardening, also known as hydroponics, aeroponics, or aquaponics, allows plants to grow without soil, using water and nutrients instead. This makes them perfect for indoor gardening, as they don’t require a backyard or large amounts of space. Hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic systems come in many shapes and sizes to fit your needs. From small countertop units to large vertical towers, there is an option for every home.

In this article, we will explore some of the best soilless growing systems available for home use. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned gardener wanting to increase your yield, there is a system here for you!

The Best Soilless Growing Systems

iDOO Hydroponic Soilless Growing Systems

iDOO Hydroponics Growing SystemsIf you’re looking for an all-in-one hydroponics system that’s easy to set up and use, the iDOO Hydroponics Growing System is a great choice. This 12-pod indoor garden includes everything you need to get started growing veggies and herbs indoors.

The iDOO system features adjustable LED grow lights to stimulate plant growth and photosynthesis. It also has an integrated water circulation system to provide oxygen to the roots while keeping nutrients flowing. I like that it has separate vegetable and fruit/flower light settings to optimize growth. The 4.5L water tank is large enough to sustain plants for 1-2 weeks before refilling.

At just 13.8 x 10 inches, this compact hydroponic system fits perfectly on kitchen counters or shelves. It’s advertised as being 20% faster than soil gardening, allowing you to have a steady supply of fresh produce year-round. If you’re looking for an affordable and user-friendly hydroponics kit, the iDOO is an excellent option.

VIVOSUN Hydroponics Soilless Growing Systems

 VIVOSUN Hydroponics Growing SystemFor larger-scale hydroponic gardening, the VIVOSUN 3-Layer System is a great choice. It contains 108 growing sites in 12 PVC pipes, allowing you to grow a wide variety of veggies and herbs. The three-tier design takes up minimal floor space while maximizing vertical growing potential.

This VIVOSUN hydroponics kit utilizes a timed water circulation system to provide the ideal nutrient film technique for plant roots. The food-grade PVC pipes are durable and make assembly quick and easy. The system is suitable for leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale, as well as herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and more.

If you want to significantly increase your hydroponic yield, the VIVOSUN 108-site system is an excellent investment. It’s more involved than a simple countertop unit but provides the capacity for serious home growing. This is one of the best large-scale hydroponic system kits available.

Aquaponics for Beginners Book

Aquaponics for Beginners Book Growing SystemsFor those interested in aquaponics, this book by John Fay is a must-read introductory guide. Aquaponics combines hydroponics (growing plants in water) with aquaculture (fish farming) to create a symbiotic ecosystem. The fish waste fertilizes the plants, while the plants help filter the water for the fish.

This book covers the nutrient cycles that make aquaponics work and provides 7 different system designs you can follow. It includes tips for calculating biological surface area, optimal feeding ratios, and steps for starting your own system. I appreciated the troubleshooting section for common fish diseases and plant issues.

For anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of home aquaponics, this book is an excellent starting point. The author provides practical advice and design plans for creating your own aquaponic system on a budget. If you want to take the next step into soilless gardening, this is a must-read guide.

Back to the Roots Aquaponics Kit

Back to the Roots Indoor Aquaponic Garden and Fish TankFor an easy introduction to aquaponics, Back to the Roots makes an excellent 3-gallon starter kit. It functions as a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows plants on top. The fish waste fertilizes the plants while the plants filter the water, creating a sustainable ecosystem.

The Back to the Roots kit comes with everything you need including fish food, water conditioner, radish and wheatgrass seeds, and a coupon for live fish. It’s advertised as the perfect living decor item for kitchens or offices. The award-winning design is also ideal as an educational gift.

I like that this aquaponics kit is small enough for countertops but complete enough to learn the entire process of aquaponic growing. It would be perfect for teaching kids about sustainable food systems. It’s hard to beat this Back to the Roots starter kit for an all-in-one introduction to home aquaponics.

Viagrow VCLN24 Clone Machine 24 Site Aeroponic System

Viagrow VCLN24 Clone MachineFor truly soilless gardening, aeroponic systems are the way to go. Aeroponics involves growing plants with their roots suspended in a mist environment, without the use of any growing media. The Viagrow Clone Machine uses this technology to clone plants and seedlings.

This 24-site aeroponic system features high-pressure misters and an air pump to keep roots suspended while providing ample water and oxygen. The sites include neoprene collars in various colors for easy plant organization. The water temperature stays ambient for optimal growing.

I like that Viagrow designed this unit specifically for propagation and cloning. The small footprint allows it to sit on a desktop while still having enough sites for a mini urban nursery. If you want to try advanced soilless growing using aeroponics technology, this is an excellent system to start with.

Flexi-Fit 60 Pod Indoor Aeroponic Garden

Indoor Garden Hydroponics Growing System, 60 Pods Plant Germination Kit Aeroponic Vertical Herb Garden with LED Grow LightFor vertical aeroponic growing, tower systems allow you to maximize yield in a minimal footprint. This 60-pod aeroponic tower from Flexi-Fit can grow herbs, leafy greens, vegetables, and flowers indoors with great results.

The tower design means you can fit up to 60 plants in less than 3 square feet. The adjustable full-spectrum LED light caters to different growth phases, while the height is adjustable up to nearly 22 inches. The water circulation system keeps roots suspended for faster, healthier growth.

I love that this system comes with a smart plug to automate the lights and a transparent window to monitor the large 32L water reservoir. All the parts are easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this space-saving aeroponic tower kit has you covered.

Gardyn Hydroponics System

Gardyn 3.0 Hydroponics Growing Systems & Vertical Garden PlantersFor the ultimate smart garden, Gardyn’s 3.0 hydroponic system combines vertical growing with AI technology for optimal results. This self-contained garden can fit up to 30 full-sized plants in just 2 square feet.

The Gardyn unit is equipped with wifi, precision watering, and dynamic LED lighting tailored to each plant’s needs by the AI assistant Kelby. It comes with 30 seed pods and nutrients to get started growing right away.

I love how Gardyn has focused on sustainable materials like aluminum and wood. The minimalist Scandinavian design looks beautiful in any home or apartment. While it’s an investment, the AI-assisted growing technology is unparalleled. For the ultimate automated and self-sustaining indoor garden, the Gardyn hydroponic system is worth considering.


After reviewing some of the top options, it’s clear there are soilless growing systems suited for everyone. Compact units like the iDOO and Back to the Roots kits provide an easy entry point for beginners. For expanded capacity, the VIVOSUN and aeroponic tower systems are great choices. And if you want cutting-edge automation, the Gardyn smart garden takes hydroponics to the next level.

No matter which system you choose, soilless gardening is a fun, rewarding way to grow your own produce at home. Take the time to consider the size, cost, and functionality that best fits your needs. In no time, you’ll be growing herbs, veggies, and fruit right on your countertop or balcony with one of these excellent hydroponic or aquaponic system kits. The world of soilless gardening awaits you!

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What are the benefits of soilless gardening?

Soilless gardening systems like hydroponics and aquaponics provide faster growth, higher yields, and the ability to grow indoors year-round. They also use less water, take up less space, and don’t require weeding or soil-borne pest management.

What can I grow in a soilless system?

Lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, peas, beans, and many other vegetables and herbs thrive in hydroponic setups. Even fruiting plants like strawberries can do well when properly supported.

How much maintenance do soilless gardens require?

Most systems only require topping off the water and nutrients every 1-2 weeks. The water pumps generally run on timers, providing automated irrigation for your plants. Basic pH testing and light cleaning are needed periodically. Overall, maintenance is minimal.

Are soilless gardening systems expensive?

There are systems to fit every budget. Small countertop kits can cost less than $100 while larger, high-tech systems can run $500+. Consider how much produce you want to grow and your available space/budget. Even lower budget options provide great value and yields.

Is special lighting required for indoor hydroponics?

Yes, full-spectrum grow lights that mimic sunlight are ideal for indoor gardens. Many kits include suitable LED grow lights. You can also supplement with natural light from windows if available. Proper lighting is crucial for indoor plant growth and fruiting.

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